Get Your Child On Track

Qualified Teachers Provide
Virtual Learning Support On-Site

Get Your Child On Track

Qualified Teachers Provide
Virtual Learning Support On-Site

K - 5th grade, with some spots for 6th grade | Serving Houston & Cypress, TX

Qualified Teachers
Help Your Child Excel

Our team of educated assistants knows your child’s curriculum top to bottom. Expect help with everything from math to story comprehension and composition. Your child gets in-person support with zoom calls so they stay on the right track to higher learning.

Security Measures For An
Ultra Safe Environment

Strict COVID safety measures managed by an attentive staff give you peace of mind, so you can focus on the goals of the day. Added security features include a fenced-in yard, contactless check-in, keypad access on front doors, and regular fire drills to keep your child safe.

We Take Your Child's Health Seriously.

Low Teacher To Child
Ratios For Extra Support

Lower teacher to student ratios give your child the personal attention they deserve in a smaller & safer environment. Lower ratios create an ideal environment where teachers can focus on any areas where your child may need their help.

Meals And Snacks To
Keep Your Child Focused

Your child gets the nutritious, delicious meals, and snacks they need to stay energized for the day, grow strong, and stay healthy. We are a nut-free environment so don’t worry about packing lunch, because it’s provided!

Full-Time Schedule
For Your Convenience

Working parents, you can rely on our full-time schedule. Know that your child is in a safe, welcoming environment where they’re getting the instruction, play, and socialization they need to shine.

Outdoor Play For
Healthy Habits

Your child gets the outdoor play they need for healthy habits and to help their muscles to grow. Your child is guaranteed to find their favorite activity on the playground with a soccer field, basketball court, swings, splash pad and a large play yard.

In-Person Interaction
Helps Hone Social Skills

Our social distancing model keeps your child safe, yet allows them to see and work alongside buddies, giving your child the opportunity to apply social skills they’ll use for a lifetime.

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